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Top 10 Worst Things to Ever Happen on Black Friday

Top 10 Worst Things Ever to Happen on Black Friday
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Every Thanksgiving, crazy Black Friday sales mean there are even more insane Black Friday disasters. Whether it’s shoppers trampling a Walmart employee to death, Target shoppers letting a man die or a marine getting stabbed at a Best Buy, Black Friday deals can lead to Black Friday deaths. WatchMojo counts down ten of the worst things ever to happen on Black Friday.

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00:41 #10: Marine Stabbed at Best Buy (2010) – Augusta, Georgia
01:34 #9: Walmart Brawl Sends Cop to Hospital (2013) – Rialto, California
02:25 #8: Police Tackle (Allegedly) Shoplifting Grandpa (2011) – Buckeye, Arizona
03:39 #7: Late Night Mugging & Shooting (2011) – San Leandro, California
04:32 #6: Pregnant Woman Trampled in Stampede (2005) – Grand Rapids, Michigan
05:29 #5: Sleep Deprived Father Crashes Car, Daughters Killed (2012) – Palo Alto, California
06:26 #4: LA Walmart Pepper Spray Incident (2011) – Porter Ranch, California
07:26 #3, #2 & #1 ????

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