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Top 10 Anime Milfs

Top 10 Anime Milfs

These hot anime moms need love too. We’re focusing on shows like Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, Fate/Zero, Toradora, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Ground Control to Psychoelectric Girl, High School DxD, Witchblade, Rosario Vampire, Kanon, Naruto Shippuden, Barakamon, The World Only God Knows, Gundam Build Fighters, Highschool of the Dead, and Kill la Kill to find out who is the hottest mother in all of anime.

00:35 #10. Bulma
01:12 #9. Irisviel von Einzbern
01:58 #8. Delia Ketchum
02:43 #7. Yasuko Takasu
03:24 #6. Lisa Lisa
04:08 #5. Meme Touwa
04:49 #4. Grayfia Lucefuge
05:36 #3, #2, & #1: ?

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