Play-Doh Sweet Ice Cream Shop || Gumball Making Challenge

We had a lot of fun playing with the Play-Doh Scoop and Swirl Ice Cream Shop. We made all kinds of sweet treats and desserts. We made Play-Doh ice cream sundaes, waffle cones, banana splits and more! We even created our own gumball challenge while we were


HUGE GIANT MILKSHAKES HERE WE COME!! After visiting Black Tap in New York (see it here: ) we had to compare, and Big D's has won hands down! First of all, I have never visited anywhere that gives kids little candy filled goodie bags when they visit.

Birthday Party!! Giant Claw Machines & Arcade Games for Kids

It's birthday party time!!! We celebrated Matt's birthday with something we thought he would like, since it would bring him back to his childhood: video games. We went to a nickel arcade. We only spent $5 and we were there for a few hours playing games,

Chris Gets Hurt AGAIN…..This Time Stitches :(

My poor, sweet Chris!! This has just not been his week! First the dog and now this... His nick name is "nice Chris" because he's always so nice, and it breaks my heart that he keeps getting hurt. I have pulled him from all sports for

Bad Daddy Floods the House!

Apparently house flooding runs in our family...except this time, we don't get to blame baby Michael and say Baby Michael floods the house. This one was really Daddy's fault! Thanks for watching! Don't forget to give us a THUMBS UP! Please subscribe to our channel & Alyssa's

Dentist Emergency for Chris || Mommy Monday

Today's vlog is a bit different than most, as you'll see. We will update you on Chris' tooth after his next appointment. Please send good thoughts his way. Another highlight was shopping for baseball stuff for the boys! We have never played baseball before, and everyone is

Kids DIY Cardboard Box House Playtime

We found the perfect rainy day activity for the kids when we were shopping: A DIY Cardboard Box Playhouse that they could color and decorate themselves! It was on sale, so we thought we'd give it a try. Pros: easy to assemble, fun for imaginative play, and will

Valentine Dance Party

Sometimes you just need to get up and dance! The crazier the music, the more our kids love to move. The kids thought their red valentine pajamas would be the perfect addition to a family dance party, since we filmed this on Valentine's Day. Don't forget, our


Happy Valentine's Day!! I love this holiday because it is full of love! We kicked off our holiday by making some lovely shaped treats! Our Valentine Special is coming in just a few days, and it is going to be fantastic! I know you're all going

Finding Dory Don’t Wake Hang Game

Michael loves Nemo & Dory, so when he saw this Don't Wake Hank game during our Toys R Us shopping spree, he really wanted to get it. It's a super cute game. It's kind of cute, though, because Michael gets scared just about every time Hank wakes up.