Step2 Waterfall WATER, SLIME & BUBBLES Playtime

Michael got his Step2 Waterfall Discovery Wall for his birthday and he loves it! After using it with water, we decided to make it into a slime waterfall! Thanks for watching! Don't forget to give us a THUMBS UP! Please subscribe to our channel: We love fan mail!

Michael’s Incredible Dream

In this video, Michael and Alyssa fall asleep while playing with the world's smallest stacking ring toy. Michael has the most amazing dream!! Too bad he had to wake up from the best dream ever! Thanks for watching! Don't forget to give us a THUMBS UP!

Intex Inflatable Animal Zoo Pool Toy

We got this cute toy for Michael at Target. If it weren't for the problem I show at the outset of the video, it would be a great toy for a 1-2 year old kiddo. Michael loved the colors and the animal theme of the toy, and he

Pirate Island Playtime

Everybody probably knows that the Fun Pack boys (and girl) love to pretend play pirates, so we got the floating pirate island for our first big pool toy. My only complaint about the toy is that it is quite difficult to attach the top part to the bottom, and

Michael’s New Step2 Finding Dory Water Table

Michael has the most adorable new water table! It is the Step2 Finding Dory Whirlin' Waves Water Table. Nemo & Dory are in Michael's top list of favorite characters, so this is the perfect backyard toy for him. We were not paid for this review. Everything