Great Wolf Lodge Indoor Water Playground Texas

We visited the Great Wolf Lodge! It was amazing!! We had so much fun swimming that we hardly ever left the pool area. There is an indoor water park as well as an outdoor park. There's a lazy river, indoor surfing, a wave pool, a huge


A normal day quickly turned into a mini road trip when we got a very strange phone call. In the afternoon, daddy assembled a new desk for David's room, we had fun swimming as a family, and we went to a soccer game for Alyssa! Thanks for watching!

Splash Kingdom Water Park with Family Fun Pack

See more amazing water park videos!! We had a fun day at Splash Kingdom Water Park!! They had plenty of small slides for the kids, plus big slides too. My only complaint is that a lot of the slides they had were for kids between two

Puppy Pool Party || Mommy Monday

Subscribe to Alyssa's new channel! We had a busy busy day! Hana went in for shots at the vet and had her first backyard experience. I had some mommy/Michael time while the big kids went to voice lessons, we did some shopping and just did regular


It's time for our Water Park Wednesday video--this week we went to a slightly different concept when it comes to "water parks" and the kids had just as much fun! We spent the day with our friends, the Slyfox Family ( ) and it was just a perfectly

Intex Inflatable Animal Zoo Pool Toy

We got this cute toy for Michael at Target. If it weren't for the problem I show at the outset of the video, it would be a great toy for a 1-2 year old kiddo. Michael loved the colors and the animal theme of the toy, and he

RAGING WATERS — Largest Water Park in California!!

We went to Raging Waters, a HUGE water park in California. Our kids LOVED the "little kid" area and we thought it was perfect for them. There were multiple slides over a few different pools, along with a super fun water playground, and it wasn't overcrowded with too

Water Park Play Day!!

It's been so hot lately! We have been spending plenty of time cooling off at every water park and splash pad we can find! This park was a really nice one. There were at least three separate playgrounds as well as their splash pad. The splash

Water Park Fun at Salamander Springs

We had a super blast at the outdoor water park we visited in Tennessee, Salamander Springs! There were plenty of slides, basketball, a HUGE spa, and a playground to climb and swing on! Thanks for watching! Don't forget to give us a THUMBS UP! Please subscribe to

Indoor Water Park Play Day at Wild Water Dome

We had a super fun time at the indoor water park, Wild Water Dome, at the Great Smokies Lodge. There were 3 different water parks at our resort. So much fun all in one big place! Thanks for watching! Don't forget to give us a THUMBS UP!