David’s 9th Birthday Party!!

David is officially 9 years old! Can you believe that?! David is such a blessing to our family. He is so loving and kind. He loves to help out and he is such a good boy. He is never the one to act out.

Cute Michael Throwback Compilation

It's Michael with his pacifier again! Today's throwback video is from when Michael was 2. He was just starting to talk a bit more and he would take a long, late afternoon nap that would lead to him having a lot of energy still at midnight. He

Underwear Polar Plunge Challenge

Today was a rainy day in California. The wet and rainy afternoon turned into the kids heading out to jump on the trampoline in the rain. Somehow that translated to the boys in their underwear then to doing the polar bear plunge challenge. I sure love the

Twins Amazing Trampoline Park Birthday Party

Jump! Bounce! Twist! Dive! Flip! Zac & Chris had a Pete's Dragon themed party at Sky Zone Trampoline Park. My twins are growing too fast! They had a fantastic time and be sure to take a good look at their cake, it was made


It's a rainy day for us, and that means playing in the rain and trying to stay dry. We thought it would be the perfect day for some early Christmas presents! The kids got some pretty fun things, didn't they! Thanks for watching! Don't forget to give