Splash Kingdom Water Park with Family Fun Pack

See more amazing water park videos!! We had a fun day at Splash Kingdom Water Park!! They had plenty of small slides for the kids, plus big slides too. My only complaint is that a lot of the slides they had were for kids between two

Family Fun Pack KID OLYMPICS!!!

Hopefully I'm not the only one who gets a really good laugh watching this video! We did the Olympics with the kids! We did as many sports as we could, and they loved it! I think my favorites were baseball, synchronized swimming, and the running races the

24 Hours with 5 Kids on a Summer Day

What's a summer day like with Family Fun Pack? Perhaps a tad bit lazy, but no doubt, FULL OF FUN!! Come with us and see how we spent one of our last days of summer before school started back up. Thanks for watching! Don't forget to


We played at the beach with a GIANT beach ball. And when we say #GIANT we mean 12 feet tall giant! This ball is a head-turner for sure! Our favorite part was how we got some super serious beach volleyball players to take a try volleying this

Puppy Pool Party || Mommy Monday

Subscribe to Alyssa's new channel! We had a busy busy day! Hana went in for shots at the vet and had her first backyard experience. I had some mommy/Michael time while the big kids went to voice lessons, we did some shopping and just did regular

Roller Coaster Race Time!

We got our first roller coaster for Zac & Chris when they were 2 (the up & down coaster ). Then on their 3rd birthday, we upgraded to the Extreme Coaster ( ). This year, Step2 came out with the Extreme Thrill Roller Coaster, so we


We had our out-of-town grandparents visiting this week for the first time at our new house. We gave them a nice taste of our extremely busy life--complete with an emergency orthodontist visit, severe weather warnings, out to eat for sweet treats and a fun art show. Thanks for

Water Park Play Day!!

It's been so hot lately! We have been spending plenty of time cooling off at every water park and splash pad we can find! This park was a really nice one. There were at least three separate playgrounds as well as their splash pad. The splash

Top 10 Summer Songs (Quickie)

Looking for some fun and interesting tunes to spice up your seasonal playlist? We got ya covered. Welcome to , and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Summer Songs. Click here to see the original full-length Top 10 if you haven't already: This bonus shortened version