Bashing Giant Chocolate Eggs with Surprise Toys Inside!

Look at these amazing chocolate surprise eggs we got to bash open during Easter week. We loved bashing and eating the chocolate, and seeing what surprises were inside! Props to Zac for his chocolate toss too! Thanks for watching! Don't forget to give us a THUMBS UP!

Girls Day, Sports, Park & Toys || Mommy Monday

What a fun-filled day we had! After a morning of tennis, Alyssa & Mommy had some girls time on a mini girls day out. When we came home, we had the boys help us tidy up the house and we left for soccer. We ended the night


Alyssa finally has her own room again and it's the epitome of a cute girly bedroom! I have to give a huge shout-out to her amazing 4th grade teacher for suggestion the chandelier that we put up in her room. Thanks for watching! Don't forget to give


Alyssa got her very first Shopkins and she is already in love!!! They're so....CUTE!!! :) Seriously though, it's really hard to play with Shopkins and not mention the cute factor of these tiny collectible toys. Thanks for watching! Don't forget to give us a THUMBS UP!

February Fan Mail

We got a lot of fan mail when we returned from our trip to Florida! We actually have a little more that came just after we had filmed this video. Thanks for always patiently waiting to see your mail in our videos! Thanks for watching! Don't