Real Life Growing Plants – Step2 Cottage Playtime Fun

Flower delivery!! Puppy playtime! It's time to make our own pretend garden! But what happens when some of the plants really grow and aren't make believe??! Playtime is always the best time at our house! Today's video incorporated the Step2 Courtyard Cottage. Thanks for watching!

Step2 Dino Dig Sand & Water Table Playtime

After a fun time assembling his new toy with Daddy, Michael and his dinosaurs go to sleep. In the morning, they all wake up to play. Even Nemo & Dory come to visit! A day full of water play, races and hide and seek tire them out,

Play-Doh Sweet Ice Cream Shop || Gumball Making Challenge

We had a lot of fun playing with the Play-Doh Scoop and Swirl Ice Cream Shop. We made all kinds of sweet treats and desserts. We made Play-Doh ice cream sundaes, waffle cones, banana splits and more! We even created our own gumball challenge while we were

Kids DIY Cardboard Box House Playtime

We found the perfect rainy day activity for the kids when we were shopping: A DIY Cardboard Box Playhouse that they could color and decorate themselves! It was on sale, so we thought we'd give it a try. Pros: easy to assemble, fun for imaginative play, and will

Kitchen Playtime Challenge – Pretend Food Competition

We got 4 Little Tikes kitchens and the kids created the ultimate game show challenge party! Hope you enjoy this throwback video! Look how far Zac & Chris have come in their speech since we filmed this! On a scale of 1-10 how British do they sound

Scary Bad Guy Steals Michael’s Stuff

Oh no! It's the return of the Ugly Poopoo Puppy!! Today's flashback video is from when Michael was 2 and he was terrified of most Star Wars toys (not like today, because he loves them now!) The night started off with him playing with some leftover birthday

Calico Critters Cruise Bad Baby Elephants Break Hot Dog Stand

Alyssa and I just love doing role play and skits, especially with our Calico Critters friends. In this video, the bad baby elephant twins Ellie & Eli get into trouble again and again. Will they ever learn? If you didn't see the first episode, here's the link:

The Kissing Game

Sometimes the games you make up on your own are the best! Daddy and Michael made up the kissing game and it is one of Michael's favorites! I love the age that he is right now and this video is going to be one I know I will

Step2 Just Like Home Workshop Playtime

Michael got a new workshop for his bedroom! He is lucky to have 3 big brothers to help him test it out and make sure all the tools are up to par :) There are some moments in here that I just love, and I think you'll all

Family Fun Pack in Washington DC

Come spend a day with us on our last day in Washington DC. We have really enjoyed our time here and definitely need to plan another (longer) trip out this way! Today, we saw a few monuments and visited a Smithsonian museum. The big kids loved the

Alyssa’s Dolls Come to Life Part 2 || Best Friends Picnic

Alyssa's dolls have another fun play date, but this time with even more girls! They decide to take a nature hike but one of the girls touches something poisonous. Luckily their new friend Debra, the horse rider, has the medicine to help poor Abigail and horses for the