Helium Wubble Bubble Balls Invade the Playhouse

Helium Wubble Bubble Balls have invaded the playhouse! After the kids get them out of the house, they use their Nerf guns and X-shot bow and arrow toys to shoot them out of the air. Thanks for watching! Don't forget to give us a THUMBS UP! Please subscribe


We had the serious ultimate Nerf gun fight at our house the other day. It started with Daddy trying to keep up with attaching the bugs from the X-Shot Bug Attack Blasters to the walls. The kids started shooting Daddy instead of the bugs and the war was

The $2,000 Mistake || Mommy Monday

Vote for us in the Shorty Awards here PLEASE!!: Giveaway link here: (link will be available shortly, so check back soon to enter!) Today's episode is full of adventure...we start today with a very expensive mistake that broke our computer. I'm hoping to find a way to

Crazy Twin NERF Gun Tooth Pull

Remember when Chris pulled his first loose tooth?? Link here in case you forgot: Well, in that video Zac said he would not pull his tooth the same was as Chris did, but today he changed his mind. So here we have the Crazy Nerf Gun Tooth