Swimming & Shoe Shopping || Mommy Monday

Our day started off with an impromptu spring swimming party, followed by some fun at the mall. We went looking for shoes but ended up leaving with only one pair of flip flops for Alyssa. The kids talked me into going to Build-a-Bear, and we ate yummy pizza!

Baby Nursery New Room Reveal! || Mommy Monday

We decided that it was time to start getting things set up for the new baby. That means big changes in some of the bedding that we currently use. Today we went baby shopping and we set up the baby's new nursery room, and I show some of

Dentist Emergency for Chris || Mommy Monday

Today's vlog is a bit different than most, as you'll see. We will update you on Chris' tooth after his next appointment. Please send good thoughts his way. Another highlight was shopping for baseball stuff for the boys! We have never played baseball before, and everyone is

Girls Day, Sports, Park & Toys || Mommy Monday

What a fun-filled day we had! After a morning of tennis, Alyssa & Mommy had some girls time on a mini girls day out. When we came home, we had the boys help us tidy up the house and we left for soccer. We ended the night

CANDY OVERLOAD! || Mommy Monday

We took a day trip to the beach and stopped at a really cool candy store along the way. Michael picked out a surprise egg and we opened it on the beach! We had a picnic and we played. Alyssa had her first soccer game with her

Real Life Mermaid in Our House || Mommy Monday

Don't forget to please vote for us for the shorty awards! You can vote daily and get extra votes with Twitter & Facebook. Link here: We start our day today with a quick baby bumpdate! Next, it's time for some family errands and an exciting time at

Michael Finds a Magical Rock || Mommy Monday

We go on a family hike with our doggie friend Meg. Hana and Kona loved it! My little rock collector, Michael, found some special rocks during this trip. He has brought all his rocks home and has named them after family members. They have a special