Week 32 Bumpdate – New Cravings!!

Do I really only have 8 weeks left?!?!!! After I wasn't craving anything at all, the cravings have hit! I have to hold myself back or I will end up with a belly ache. There's just not that much room in there for too much food all

World’s Largest UNO Cards! || Family Game Night

David found this GIANT deck of UNO cards at the store and we just had to get it! We had so much fun playing giant sized UNO as a family! Something about these world's largest cards made it a little more fun than usual :) Thanks for watching!

Celebrate Around the World with Us!

If you're a kid, be sure to get your parents permission first! If you want to participate in this with us, please watch the whole video because we won't be able to answer questions in the comments section if we answered them in the video :) We will delete

Hide and Seek Playtime

There are a few things I just love about this video. 1. Alyssa is such a good big sister to Michael! She plays the same things with him over and over and over, and she gets excited with Michael like each time is still the first time.

Week 31 Bumpdate – Kids React to Baby Names!

A few things to take away from this video: my kids will definitely not be choosing the baby name because they're so silly about it! (please don't be offended if they said a name you suggested last week was "gross". I think pretty much every name the either

Surprise Scavenger Hunt!!

We did our first scavenger hunt and it was so much fun! The kids just kept getting more and more enthusiastic on our green rainbow leprechaun hunt! After our Saint Patrick's Day Leprechaun scavenger hunt, we had our traditional (American) Irish dinner, followed by cookie decorating! My sister

We Got Something Cute for Baby!

We got some pretty cute and fun things in this video. Our favorite is probably the adorable bib and onesie set for our new baby! We are just so excited for him to be here and be able to wear them! He will look adorable in them.

Baby Nursery New Room Reveal! || Mommy Monday

We decided that it was time to start getting things set up for the new baby. That means big changes in some of the bedding that we currently use. Today we went baby shopping and we set up the baby's new nursery room, and I show some of