Baby Owen is Born! – Birth Vlog

Our sweet, precious new baby boy is here! Here is his birth story. This birth was the smoothest of any birth I have had. I am humbled and thankful. I had a lot of anxiety going into this birth and it was overwhelming for me afterwards

Mind Reading Psychic Twins – Twin Telepathy Challenge!!

Can identical twins Zac & Chris read each other's minds??! Are they psychic twins? Watch as we put them to the test and see how well they really are with mind reading. Thanks for watching! Don't forget to give us a THUMBS UP! Please subscribe to our channel


He's here!!! Our sweet new baby is finally here and we couldn't be happier!! I was worried before I had him that my other kids were all so cute, how could I possibly have another one that was just as cute, and as soon as I saw him,

We’re Heading to the Hospital!

It's BABY TIME!!!!! Be sure to follow our Instagram... It's going to take me a few days to get the birth vlog up, but I'll probably post pics and videos on Instagram in the meantime :) Thanks for watching! Don't forget to give us a THUMBS UP!

World’s Largest Tennis Ball

This has to be the coolest ball we have ever received!! The kids have been loving it. We tried to trick the dogs with it but they weren't fooled :) Thank you guys for all the love! We appreciate you taking the time to send us things,

Week 39 Bumpdate – Final Baby Preparations!

Our baby is due any day now!! Vote in the poll and guess how much you think he will weigh!!! We are so excited, but since all of our babies have been late, I have a feeling he is going to take his sweet time with his first

Mother’s Day Surprise || Mommy Monday

Here in the US, Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. I think it is such a pretty time of year to celebrate the holiday. This year, I got my biggest surprise yet! Daddy and the kids took me shopping to get me something

Family Fun Pack Mother’s Day Special Compilation

Mother's Day is such a special time that I like to reflect on mothers and grandmothers and other women who have had a profound effect on my life. For sure, my own mother is the most influential woman I have ever known. I strive to be as good

Water Bull Riding Pool Challenge with Inflatabull

The kids are always too small for the mechanical bulls when we see them at different places, so we decided to get our own pool toy inflatable bull instead! We had a lot of fun slipping and sliding off and jumping the Inflatabull in the pool. Even Michael

BABY SHOWER!!!!! Present Opening, Food & Games!!

We had a super super fun baby shower! We played fun games and got some super cute things for our baby boy! We also ate fantastic food at Olive Garden. I have to give them a personal shout out because the manager of Olive Garden went out

IKEA Shopping Haul || Mommy Monday

We haven't been to an IKEA for a very long time, so we had a lot of fun when we found one recently. Come along with us and shop, and see our haul after we get home! We got some cool stuff! And someone please explain the