Week 39 Bumpdate – Final Baby Preparations!

Our baby is due any day now!! Vote in the poll and guess how much you think he will weigh!!! We are so excited, but since all of our babies have been late, I have a feeling he is going to take his sweet time with his first

Mother’s Day Surprise || Mommy Monday

Here in the US, Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. I think it is such a pretty time of year to celebrate the holiday. This year, I got my biggest surprise yet! Daddy and the kids took me shopping to get me something

Two New Family Members & New Chore Chart || Mommy Monday

We got two (technically four) new, and very small members of our family today! You can also see us writing letters back to you guys during today's episode :) The kids started on their new chore chart and we made yummy peppermint brownies. Thanks for watching! Don't

Swimming & Shoe Shopping || Mommy Monday

Our day started off with an impromptu spring swimming party, followed by some fun at the mall. We went looking for shoes but ended up leaving with only one pair of flip flops for Alyssa. The kids talked me into going to Build-a-Bear, and we ate yummy pizza!

Kid Size Shopping at the Cube!

This is the most fun the kids have ever had doing kid size shopping! They really enjoyed getting to have their own cart and scan the foods they wanted to buy from their list. They also loved the Eric Carle Hungry Caterpillar areas, building with blocks, playing with

Girls Day, Sports, Park & Toys || Mommy Monday

What a fun-filled day we had! After a morning of tennis, Alyssa & Mommy had some girls time on a mini girls day out. When we came home, we had the boys help us tidy up the house and we left for soccer. We ended the night


Today, I was having a really fun day at Costco with David and as I was snap chatting and tweeting, I came across a cool product so we decided to share our Costco haul with you guys. This is just a random trip to Costco, and no, this is