Week 32 Bumpdate – New Cravings!!

Do I really only have 8 weeks left?!?!!! After I wasn't craving anything at all, the cravings have hit! I have to hold myself back or I will end up with a belly ache. There's just not that much room in there for too much food all

Week 31 Bumpdate – Kids React to Baby Names!

A few things to take away from this video: my kids will definitely not be choosing the baby name because they're so silly about it! (please don't be offended if they said a name you suggested last week was "gross". I think pretty much every name the either

TWINS AGAIN?!!? || Mommy Monday

It's my first bumpdate! We are so excited to share our first ultrasound with you guys! There's so much cuteness, I can hardly stand it! We also had fun craft store shopping and the kids showed me their back yard fort in the "forest" :)