David’s 9th Birthday Party!!

David is officially 9 years old! Can you believe that?! David is such a blessing to our family. He is so loving and kind. He loves to help out and he is such a good boy. He is never the one to act out.

Birthday Party!! Giant Claw Machines & Arcade Games for Kids

It's birthday party time!!! We celebrated Matt's birthday with something we thought he would like, since it would bring him back to his childhood: video games. We went to a nickel arcade. We only spent $5 and we were there for a few hours playing games,

GIANT Birthday Piñata & Pizza Party

Zac & Chris chose to have a pizza party for their family birthday party. We went to John's Incredible Pizza and ate pizza, rode all the rides and played some games. The kids had a fantastic time, then we came home to open presents from their grandparents, great


Happy 1000 Family Fun Pack videos! Can you believe we have THAT many??!!! And it just so happens that our 1000th video came right at the end of the year, a perfect time to celebrate with our year in review vlog! It's hard to believe all the

Twins Amazing Trampoline Park Birthday Party

Jump! Bounce! Twist! Dive! Flip! Zac & Chris had a Pete's Dragon themed party at Sky Zone Trampoline Park. My twins are growing too fast! They had a fantastic time and be sure to take a good look at their cake, it was made

HATCHIMALS || Magical Animals Hatch from GIANT EGGS!!

We got a super exciting first look at the MOST adorable new toy--Hatchimals!! The kids each hatched their own hatchimal out of this super cute speckled egg, and they are so in love with them! Check them out here: Which one did you love that we hatched?

MOMMY’S BIRTHDAY!! || Mommy Monday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!! Last year, I didn't really share a birthday vlog, so I promised this year I would. My favorite part of the day was 2 parts: my dad getting me something & my kids helping me birthday shop. They surprised me big time!!

Alyssa’s Super Fancy 10th Birthday Party

This birthday party is probably one of the best ones we have ever had! So much detail (and so much work!) but it was so worth it! The girls had such a good time and I'll not forget how many stores I had to go to in order


Alyssa's birthday party is finally here, so, while Michael was off at Disneyland with his aunts, we had quite a bit of shopping to do for the party! My favorite part of this entire vlog is near the end of the night where the kids are singing, I have

Puppy Pool Party || Mommy Monday

Subscribe to Alyssa's new channel! We had a busy busy day! Hana went in for shots at the vet and had her first backyard experience. I had some mommy/Michael time while the big kids went to voice lessons, we did some shopping and just did regular

Luau Party, Puppy Gets a Name || Mommy Monday

In today's episode, we show some of the behind the scenes of how we got our puppy, we name our new puppy, we go to a super fun Hawaiian luau birthday swim party, and we take a shopping trip to the pet store to get puppy supplies! Thanks for watching!

Who is Family Fun Pack?

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