Week 39 Bumpdate – Final Baby Preparations!

Our baby is due any day now!! Vote in the poll and guess how much you think he will weigh!!! We are so excited, but since all of our babies have been late, I have a feeling he is going to take his sweet time with his first

Week 38 Bumpdate — Packing for the Hospital!

I've been having contractions the past day so I decided it's time to pack my hospital bag and get the car seat out of the box so we are ready to go at any time! I feel like I didn't pack much in my bag and that maybe I'm

Week 37 Bumpdate — Countdown to Baby!!

Today I have one of my final doctor appointments before our baby arrives! We got an ultrasound to see our baby and got to hear his heartbeat. The kids also helped me make a countdown to baby chain for the house and now they're even more excited for

Week 34 Bumpdate – Baby Name Narrowed Down!

In today's bumpdate, I share some of my own hacks I have created in order to dress comfortably. They're not huge secrets, but I thought I was clever for finding something to wear that fits and was cheap, when nothing seemed available in the stores. Also baby names!!

Week 32 Bumpdate – New Cravings!!

Do I really only have 8 weeks left?!?!!! After I wasn't craving anything at all, the cravings have hit! I have to hold myself back or I will end up with a belly ache. There's just not that much room in there for too much food all

Baby Nursery New Room Reveal! || Mommy Monday

We decided that it was time to start getting things set up for the new baby. That means big changes in some of the bedding that we currently use. Today we went baby shopping and we set up the baby's new nursery room, and I show some of

Baby Bumpdate!!

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