24 Hours With 5 Kids on Easter

It's our last Easter with just 5 kids, can you believe that! We had a fantastic time. We started our day with church, then came home to see the surprises (like GIANT gummy foods) left in our Easter baskets. We had our egg hunt and searched for


Who will sneak a bite to eat their cookie first? Will someone's big cookie BREAK?! How will they look?? Watch the Fun Pack Kids decorate their own GIANT Halloween pumpkin cookies with plenty of candy, goodies and frosting to go around. We love doing something with food every year

Trolls Take Over Build-A-Bear

Watch out! There's trolls EVERYWHERE! Guy Diamond, Poppy & Branch have taken over Family Fun Pack during our Build-a-Bear trip. Thanks to Build-a-Bear for sponsoring this video! Who's your favorite?? Happy Poppy, Branch, Poppy's polar opposite, or sparkly Guy Diamond? Thanks for watching! Don't forget

DIY Monster Cookie Cake Pop Balls

We made these super fun Halloween treats with our grandma! It's a super easy recipe and they taste great! It's basically Oreos with cream cheese (plus a few more things). We had so much fun making them while Alyssa was was at a birthday party! Thanks

We Caught a SNAKE at our HOTEL! || Mommy Monday

We are traveling across the country & are on the East Coast! Today, we went to Hersheypark Amusement Park for some of their after dark activities like Creatures of the Night at the zoo. We also visited Hershey World. Afterwards, we took a family nighttime walk at

Alyssa’s Dolls Come to Life Part 2 || Best Friends Picnic

Alyssa's dolls have another fun play date, but this time with even more girls! They decide to take a nature hike but one of the girls touches something poisonous. Luckily their new friend Debra, the horse rider, has the medicine to help poor Abigail and horses for the

Family Soda Challenge at Pops in Oaklahoma

We visited Pops, where they have over 700 kinds of soda! We let the kids pick a variety of flavors for us to try as a family--everything from chocolate soda to apple pie to disgusting Harry Potter type flavors! We saw the world's largest soda bottle & Michael's bee

Zac’s First Vlog

Welcome to Zac's first official vlog. It was too funny not to post it. He loves to vlog and I think he did a pretty good job for his first time. This was when we were leaving Knott's Berry Farm theme park for their spooky Halloween event

Halloween Fun at Knott’s Spooky Farm Knott’s Berry Farm

We took the kids to Knott's Berry farm for their afternoon of trick-or-treat fun called Knott's Spooky Farm. There were a couple monsters and freaks hanging out to take pictures with the kids, but they weren't trying to scare them. They were actually really friendly with the kids,

Late Night Water Fun!!

It was supposed to be cold when we got to Ohio, but it wasn't! After dinner, the kids saw a splash pad water play area and wanted to walk by it. Before we knew it, they were soaked head to toe and having a blast! Thanks for


We are getting ready for our trip and picked up our home study work. We also had a French TV station at our house for an interview and Michael continues to blame one of the other kids for anything he can (makes me laugh every time because it's so