Giant Flower Maze

We visited flower fields with millions of flowers and it was amazing! The kids decided to do the flower maze and it took them a very longtime to finally find their way out because they kept getting lost! Thanks for watching! Don't forget to give us a THUMBS

Michael Finds a Magical Rock || Mommy Monday

We go on a family hike with our doggie friend Meg. Hana and Kona loved it! My little rock collector, Michael, found some special rocks during this trip. He has brought all his rocks home and has named them after family members. They have a special

Halloween Time at Disneyland

Halloween time is one of my favorite times to visit Disneyland! I love the decorations, I love the rides that they change just for October, I love all the specialty foods they bring out. It's just such a fun time to visit Disneyland. We are excited to go


Alyssa's birthday party is finally here, so, while Michael was off at Disneyland with his aunts, we had quite a bit of shopping to do for the party! My favorite part of this entire vlog is near the end of the night where the kids are singing, I have


Going to the LA County Fair has a been a yearly tradition in my family since I was a kid, and before my parents took me, my dad's parents took him every year. Sadly, Matt and I haven't taken our kids more than once to the Fair. (I

Candy & Crafts at the Storks Carnival || Mommy Monday

We were invited to attend a special even at the YouTube Space in LA for an advanced screening of the movie Storks (coming to theaters on Sept 23). We watched the movie (it was great!) then got to meet the voice actors, producer, and artist from the movie!


We took the kids on a walk along this fun path this evening. It had all kinds of exercise stations, but also bugs and animals! We even saw some lizards and rabbits but didn't catch them on film. Be sure to see the two craziest things we

Giant Red Ball Swimming Party || Mommy Monday

Happy Labor Day! We got this huge inflatable ball for the kids to roll around in! We have owned it for probably a year, and we finally pulled it out for them to play with it! It was a hit on land and in the water! The

Waking Up in a Ball Pit || Mommy Monday

What a whirlwind of a day we had!! So many goodbyes, mega ball pit fun, Michael had his first real playdate (!!!) surprise auntie visit, and also some of the regular stuff like seeing what came in the mail and going to voice lessons. Thanks for watching!