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Inside Blind Cricket | The Timeliners

India won the cricket World Cup again! This time, it was #TheOtherMenInBlue. We went behind the scenes to show you how blind cricket is played.

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Channel Head: Akansh Gaur
Director: Venkat Ravichander
Creative Director: Simarpreet Singh
Chief Assistant Director: Deep Dakshy
Hosted by: Falah Faisal
Editors: Deep Dakshy & Venkat Ravichander
D.O.P: Deep Dakshy
Assistant D.O.P: Dharma & Venkat Ravichander
Channel Strategy: Vyom Charaya
Production Manager: Puneet Waddan
Producer Controller: Chandrashekar M
Graphics: Deep Dakshy & Venkat Ravichander
Social Media: Siddhant Grover, Bhavya Prabhakar & Vartika Manchanda

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